Easily Renew Your License

You’re constantly doing business on the go. Shouldn’t you be able to complete your license renewal course on the go, too? We think so, and that’s why we made Continue Me, the Massachusetts certified real estate continuing education app that works anywhere. Now you can take your CE credits on your PC, tablet, or phone! Never sit in a classroom, or stuck at your computer watching videos, again!

Massachusetts Certified

Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. is a Massachusetts licensed and bonded school of real estate located in Boston, and we’re authorized by the State of Massachusetts to teach the continuing education curriculum online with our app. Continue Me complies with all of the Massachusetts Real Estate Board's regulations for online CLE classes.

High Quality Classes

Our real estate school is consistently one of the highest rated schools in the state, and Continue Me is the best, and easiest, way to complete your 12 hours of real estate license renewal classes. You'll never find yourself stuck in a classroom again. So free yourself from the classroom, and sign up for Continue Me today!