Why Freedom Trail Realty School?

Why should you choose us for your real estate course? The answer is simple: we do things differently, and your class outcome is better because of it.

I am very, very excited to tell you I passed my exam on Saturday! I cannot say enough about your school and how you run things there. I am not just saying this because I passed-you really want people to LEARN not just memorize.

Rebecca, Boston MA

Small Classes, Big Results

The Massachusetts real estate pre-licensing curriculum can be daunting to those without a real estate background. Who knows what an emblement is? Or how big a link is? How do you properly value a property? And what's with all of this math?

We get it. We understand this stuff can be overwhelming, and we keep our classes small so you can get the attention you need to ensure your success. If we rented a big meeting space and booked 100 students like some schools do we might make more money, but our students (and our stellar pass rates!) would suffer. We don't want that. We like success, so we keep our classes small, and our pass rates suggest that it has been the right move.

Thank you for all your help in preparing for the exam. I took it about a week and a half ago and passed :) Will send any other Nantucketers looking to get licensed your way!

Evie, Nantucket MA

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

You need to understand the material to get your real estate license, and sometimes everything doesn't all make sense the first time through. We get that. That's why we dedicate a portion of the class to MA real estate material review and explanation. That way you can find those subject areas that you need a little extra help understanding before you're home on your own studying for the real estate exam.

We also know you want to pass the MA real estate exam on the first try. That's why we dedicate a substantial amount of classroom time to practice tests. These tests not only help you find areas you might need to study further, but also get you used to the sorts of questions they might ask you on the real estate test.

Oh, and don't worry if you feel embarrassed, or too shy, to ask for help in front of everyone. We use a high tech smartphone based clicker system to let us get anonymous student responses to in-class questions in real time. That way we can gauge how well the material is being understood without singling out or embarrassing anyone. And your phone or tablet will work with the system: it works with almost every web-enabled device on the market today.

Just want to let you know that I passed my RE License exam on the first try...thank you for teaching such an excellent class. I was definitely well prepared for this exam.

Robert, Lynn MA

High Tech, High Scores

We make use of high tech, innovative smartphone and tablet friendly web applications to give our salesperson class instructors insight about which sections of the material need to be reviewed to ensure that all of our students pass on exam day. This technology helps us calibrate each class to the individual needs of our students without embarrassing or singling anyone out.

You were informative, engaging, and clearly passionate about your field and your enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on me as well as (hopefully) the entire class.

Devin, Weymouth MA

Bespoke Materials

We've customized our class materials to carefully match the Massachusetts required curriculum without adding in additional cruft that might confuse or distract you from what's important. We use diagnostic quizzes to gauge student progress, and we've added supplementary materials to contextualize the curriculum and promote retention. We're pleased with the results, and we're sure you will be too.

I passed the exam on the first try. Thanks for all your help!

Alexis, Cape Cod MA

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