All About the New Hampshire Real Estate Test

A completed guide to the New Hampshire real estate test. Updated for 2024.

The FTRS Team

The FTRS Team

Is it time to get a New Hampshire real estate license?

A key part of becoming a real estate agent in NH is passing the New Hampshire real estate test. The real estate exam tests your general knowledge as well as your understanding of New Hampshire's rules and regulations.

The test can be challenging. You have to be prepared and know what to expect. Learn more here about the NH real estate exam and how you can successfully prepare to start your real estate career.

Who Needs to Take the New Hampshire Real Estate Test?

To become a real estate agent in New Hampshire, you need to get a real estate license. An important part of the licensing process is passing the NH real estate exam.

You will still need to pass the New Hampshire real estate test even if you already have a real estate license from another state. That said, New Hampshire has reciprocity with every other state, so you can get reciprocity in New Hampshire with a valid real estate license from anywhere else in the US.

If you are currently licensed in another state, you do not need to take pre-licensing classes to take the NH real estate test, but you do still need to take the test and apply for a license in New Hampshire. Sorry! New Hampshire wants to make sure you know their laws and rules before you start practicing in the state.

Active members of the New Hampshire Bar in good standing don't need to take prelicensing courses either. This exemption applies if the lawyer is qualified under the real estate license law.

New Hampshire doesn't have a separate exam for commercial real estate. You will register for the same real estate test whether you plan to work with residential or commercial properties.

The bottom line is, to become a New Hampshire real estate agent (or to eventually affiliate with a REALTOR association and become a New Hampshire REALTOR) you need to take the NH real estate test.

Basic Requirements for a New Hampshire Real Estate License

Real estate agents in New Hampshire must meet a few basic requirements even before taking the real estate exam. You must:

Once you meet these criteria, you can move on to the next step in the process. Becoming a real estate salesperson in New Hampshire has several steps including:

Then you can apply for your real estate license.

The process for becoming a real estate broker is similar. The steps include:

You must submit a surety bond if you're applying for an active principal or managing broker license.

Prelicensing Courses for the New Hampshire Real Estate Test

The state of New Hampshire requires 40 hours of education for real estate salespeople and 60 hours for real estate brokers. You must take the classes from a state-approved real estate school like us.

New Hampshire accepts online classes. Many course providers offer live-streaming classes. These interactive classes give you the benefits of live instruction in a more convenient format.

Prelicensing courses aren't just a way to meet state requirements. They can help you prepare to pass the real estate exam. They include the state and national topics you'll find on the test.

Prelicensing courses can also help you be a better real estate agent after you earn your license.

How to Register for the Real Estate Exam in New Hampshire

After you take your prelicensing courses, you can register for the New Hampshire real estate license exam. Submit the registration form, prelicensing course affidavit if applicable, and the exam fee to the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission. The registration form is on the commission's website .

Testing fees are currently $67 for the salesperson exam and also $67 for the broker exam. These fees are not refundable.

Scheduling Your NH Real Estate Test

You need to schedule your exam within six months from the start of your 40 hour prelicensing course. When the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission approves your request to take the test, you'll receive an email confirmation from PSI. PSI administers the testing.

The best way to register for PSI exams is online. You can create an account when you log onto the PSI website. Entering your zip code will show the testing sites near you.

PSI examination sites in New Hampshire are in Concord, Nashua, and Portsmouth. When you choose a testing site, you can see the available dates and times for the real estate exam.

If you prefer, you can schedule your exam appointment by phone at 855-340-3711.

Rescheduling an Exam

If you need to cancel and reschedule your examination appointment, you can do so online or by phone.

You should reschedule your appointment no later than two calendar days before the scheduled testing date. For example, you would need to cancel a Wednesday appointment no later than Monday of the same week. If you cancel and reschedule your appointment less than two days ahead of time, you'll need to pay the examination fee again.

Keep in mind that you must take the exam within three months of registration.

What to Expect on Test Day

On the day of your real estate exam, you should arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before your appointment time.

You must show two forms of identification. One must be a valid, current, and unexpired government-issued ID. It must have your signature and photograph. A passport or driver's license are some acceptable examples.

The second form of identification must have your signature and legal name. A credit card or debit card are some examples.

PSI takes exam security very seriously. The candidate handbook describes the items that are approved or prohibited in the examination room. Failure to follow the security procedures will disqualify the exam results.

Format of the NH Real Estate Exam

You'll take the New Hampshire real estate license exam on a computer. You can watch a tutorial and complete some practice questions before starting the exam.

Exam Content

The salesperson exam and the broker exam have two parts. One section covers general material that applies nationwide. The second section covers material specific to New Hampshire real estate.

The salesperson and broker exams cover the same topics. The questions differ, though. The candidate handbook tells you the approximate number of questions for each topic.

The national portion of the exam covers topics including:

On the salesperson exam, these questions are multiple-choice. The broker exam has simulation questions.

The state section of the exam covers topics including:

These questions are multiple-choice for both the salesperson and broker exams.

Timing for the Salesperson Exam

The national section of the salesperson exam has 80 questions. You have 150 minutes to complete this section.

The state portion has 40 questions that you must finish in 90 minutes.

Timing for the Broker Exam

The national section of the broker exam has 75 questions to complete in 150 minutes. The state section has 40 questions to finish in 90 minutes.

Scoring and Results for the New Hampshire Real Estate Test

You'll get your score for the NH real estate test right after you finish the exam. A passing score is:

You need at least 70% on both sections to pass.

If you don't pass one or both portions of the test, you'll get a diagnostic report. The report will give a breakdown of your score. You can use it to guide your study if you retake the exam.

You have to retake the entire exam if you fail one or both parts. You can try to pass up to eight times in six months.

Applying for Your NH Real Estate License

After you pass the New Hampshire real estate test, you must submit the application for your real estate license within six months. You can submit your application to the NH Real Estate Commission online or by mail.

The application for a salesperson license includes:

The broker application includes:

The license application fee is $90 for salespeople and $110 for brokers. Both licenses are valid for two years.

Preparing for the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam

Passing the New Hampshire real estate test is critical for becoming a real estate agent in NH.

Is the NH real estate exam hard? Yes. But you can pass with the right preparation!

Prelicensing courses are required to get your license. With the right course provider, these classes will help you prepare for success on the real estate exam.

Freedom Trail Realty School has helped more than 25,000 students become real estate agents or continue their professional education. We have approval from the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission, and our live-streaming classes are available entirely online.

Our courses include test preparation materials and a New Hampshire real estate practice test. You can learn more about classes from Freedom Trail Realty School and sign up today here.

Ready to pass the New Hampshire real estate test?

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