8 Unique Ways to Generate New Real Estate Leads

Unusual Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Jacqueline Kyo Thomas

Jacqueline Kyo Thomas

Let’s get you more real estate leads!

This post assumes that you’ve already implemented these easy lead generation strategies and are ready to take another step and do something a little different than what everyone else is doing. Past yard signs. Beyond Facebook ads. Just short of out there.

If you’re ready to try new lead gen strategies to grow your real estate business, keep reading.

1. Add Videos to Your Emails

Did you know that you can add videos to your emails? Services like BombBomb, Vidyard, and Dubb allow you to embed videos directly into your email messages.

So, why would you want to do that?

Engage. Use video to create visually engaging content. People are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy email.

Save time. It’s often quicker to record a message than it is to type one out.

Build trust. People like to “see” you. In a time when we’re limiting face to face meetings, adding video to your emails allows you to connect to your prospect on a more human level.

Increase email open rates. By adding “video” to the subject line of your emails, you’ll attract immediate attention. Emails with videos are more likely to get opened.

Separate yourself from the pack. Very few of your competitors (if any) use video in their marketing emails. You can set yourself apart by sending video emails.

Use video to reach out to strengthen an initial connection. For example, if someone gives you their email address and gives you permission to send emails to them, surprise them with a video email instead of the standard text-based emails.

You can also use videos in your emails to stay in touch with your current clients.

2. Answer Every Call, Every Time

If a potential lead is calling you, don’t let it go to voicemail. Many agents make the fatal mistake of waiting to return a call. Don’t wait until the perfect time because the client may lose interest or move on to the next agent.

Even if you’re not at your office and with a client, still answer the call and promise to call back at a specific time. That personal touch can be enough to hook your prospective client.

3. Share Short Videos about Relevant Topics

From Instagram Reels to TikTok, there are many online platforms that you can use to reach prospective clients with relevant and entertaining content.

You may be thinking, “That sounds nice, but how does that help me grow my real estate business?”.

To ensure relevance and increase your ROI, the topics you choose should speak to your prospective clients, and any promotion of your posts and videos should be targeted to the geographic area you sell real estate in. This way you can then earn prospective clients' trust and their business, and you establish yourself as an expert in your chosen real estate niche.

4. Create an App

Did you know that you can create an app to grow your real estate business?

Creating an app doesn’t require spending tens of thousands of dollars. Building an app is just as easy as building a website, especially if you use a service like HomeStack or AppInstitute.

So, how can building an app generate real estate leads?

You can market your app everywhere—on yard signs, Facebook ads, flyers, and business cards. By downloading your app, your prospective clients can do the following:

Your app will be useful to house hunters as they search for new homes. It will also solidify your role as a valuable resource in your client’s mind.


5. Create Branded Gear

It’s time to shamelessly market your real estate business through your apparel.

You can use services like Printful and Apliiq to create branded clothing and accessories. From hats to hoodies to coffee mugs, there’s no end to the stuff you can brand. Wear it. Share it. Not only will you be a walking advertisement for your brand, but you can also give these items to your previous clients, too. This way, when they wear your branded apparel or use your swag (like cups, pens, and face masks), they’re marketing your real estate business.

6. Create YouTube Ads

In addition to creating YouTube videos to connect with your real estate audience, you can also pay for ads that run on YouTube videos. What’s great about YouTube is that you can target your ads based on interest, age, and location. If you specify, your ads will only run to people in your local market.

Learn more about YouTube ads here.

7. Use a Power Dialer

Cold calling is a numbers game. The more you call, the better your chances are of generating an actual lead. But one of the worst things about cold calling is the repetitive dialing of number after number. Then, there are the inevitable times when you dial the wrong number and have to start over.

You can avoid that by using a power dialer.

With a power dialer, you can load a list of numbers into the system. Then, the system automatically dials a number. If the prospect doesn’t answer and the call goes to voicemail, you can press a button in the system and automatically leave a message that you’ve pre-recorded. It’s a game changer when you’re making a ton of calls back to back. Just make sure that you are aware of, and follow, Do Not Call.

Think power dialers are just for call centers? Think again. With today’s technology, you can set up a power dialer from an app on your smartphone. It’s worth checking out these services: Mojo, RedX, and Vulcan7.

8. Write a Book


How cool is it to be able to say, “Been there. Done that. Wrote a book about it.” Not only will writing a book give you bragging rights, but it will also raise your profile from agent to expert. People who don’t know about a subject don’t write about it. If you write about buying or selling a home, you can then leverage your book to generate real (and excited) leads. Here’s how:

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