8 Real Estate Email Templates You Need to Use Right Now

Use These Email Templates to Grow Your Real Estate Business Effectively

Jacqueline Kyo Thomas

Jacqueline Kyo Thomas

Email is one of the best ways to reach new real estate leads, stay connected with current clients, and build a lasting relationship with colleagues and past clients. The best thing about email is that it can be automated. This saves time and sanity.

Imagine being able to market your seller services to FSBOs without actually needing to compose new thoughts.

Imagine nurturing all of your real estate buyer leads with weekly email blasts of recent listings in your area at the same time.

Envision sending a "happy birthday" or "happy anniversary" email to your favorite past clients without actually lifting a finger.

Thanks to email marketing automation, you can grow your business without spending all day composing email after email. Write once and then turn it into a template that you can re-use ad infinitum.

Sounds great. But there's just one problem. Not all of us are born with the "writing an effective marketing email" gene. If that's you, no need to fret. In this post, we're sharing free-to-use email templates for the most common real estate scenarios.

By the way, you'll find that the majority of our email templates are short and sweet. That doesn't mean that it’s up to you to stuff them with more information. These templates are short for a reason. Research shows that shorter emails are more effective. Why? No one wants to spend a long time reading emails. The best emails get straight to the point, deliver value, and give the recipient the next step. Keep your emails to 125 words or less.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

1. Website Invitation Email Template

Subject Line:

(Name), Get Your Free (Resource) Here

Email Body:

Hey there,

We recently connected at (name of event). It was so nice to meet with you, and I hope that this marks the first of many.

I'd like to invite you to check out my website (insert link to website), where you can find:

If you check out my site today, you can also sign up to get a free (resource, such as a home valuation).

Click here to visit the site now (link). See you there!

Cheers! (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:

2. New Listing Email Template

Subject Line:

Welcome home!

Email Body:

Hey (prospect),

I have exciting news. We have fresh, new listings in (name of the neighborhood) for you to check out.

(List houses along with clickable links to their property pages on your website, if possible.)

Would you like to look at any of these homes? Let me know, and I'd love to set up a time to show one or all of them to you.

Call me at 555-555-5555 or schedule a meeting here (link to your online meeting tool).

Hope to see you soon! (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:

3. Welcome to My Email List Email Template

Subject Line:

Thanks for signing up. Here’s to a wonderful partnership!

Email Body:

Hey (name),

Thanks for joining my email list. It's great to have you here.

I know your time is valuable, so I'd like to ask you a few questions. Your answers will help me send you the right emails.

(Link to a short survey where you ask questions to help you segment your email subscribers into groups. Here are a few questions to ask:

Thanks again for joining my list! I look forward to helping you buy a home in the near future.

Cheers! (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:


4. Event Invitation Email Template

Subject Line:

Be there or be square!

Email Body:

Hey (name),

You are cordially invited to (event, i.e. open house, mixer] on (date) at (time).

Here's what you can expect at (event):

(List 3-5 benefits for attending, such as an exclusive tour of the property, a chance to mingle with industry insiders, etc.)

You don't want to miss this unique [event].

Call me to RSVP at 555-555-5555.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Cheers! (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:

5. Social Media Invitation Email Template

Subject Line:

Are we friends on social media yet?

Email Body:

Hey (name),

Thanks for connecting with me through email.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm on (name(s) of social media platform(s)), too. Let's be friends.

When you follow me on (name(s) of social media platform(s)), you'll get:

(List 3-5 benefits of following you on social media, such as video tours of new properties, live Q&As, neighborhood reviews)

Click here (link(s) to platform(s)) to follow me now. I'll see you there!

Cheers! (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:

6. Neighborhood Expert Email Template

Subject Line:

Here's why you should live in (name of the neighborhood):

Email Body:

Hi (name),

(Neighborhood) is one of the most popular/up-and-coming neighborhoods that you should know about if you don't already.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider moving to (neighborhood):

I have several homes in (neighborhood) that I'm excited to show you. I just know that you'll find the perfect home. Let's set up a time to tour these properties.

Click here to schedule a time to meet (link to your online meeting tool).

Look forward to hearing from you soon! (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:


7. Expired Listing Outreach Email Template

Subject Line:

Still want to sell your home?

Email Body:

Hi (prospect),

I noticed that you previously placed your home on the market, but the listing expired before you could make a sale. It happens, but it shouldn't happen in your neighborhood and with your home.

You're frustrated and probably disheartened. I want to help.

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm (first and last name) from (name of brokerage). I/my brokerage specialize in selling homes in your neighborhood. Every day, we help buyers who are looking for properties in your neighborhood.

I believe your home will sell and I have a few marketing ideas that I'd love to share with you.

Let's get your home sold. Schedule a time to meet with me here (link to your online meeting tool).

I look forward to meeting with you soon, (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:

8. Open House Follow-Up Email Template

Subject Line:

Thank you for stopping by (first name)!

Email Body:

Hi (name of prospect),

It was so nice meeting with you at (address of open house) on last (day of the week). It's such a beautiful property with many outstanding features, such as (list 2-3 unique features). If you'd like to learn more about the property or even get a second look, please let me know.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have another, similar property that you may like even more.

I'd love to set up a time for you to view these properties in the next few days. Email me back or call me at 555-555-5555 to set up a showing.

Thank you for visiting!

Cheers, (Your name)

Key Points to Remember:

Looking for even more email templates? Check out the link at the bottom of this post.

Final Thoughts

Email can eat up a huge chunk of your day. Rescue some of that time back by using email templates. Yay for not having to write every email from scratch!

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