Massachusetts Real Estate Reciprocity

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Requires a real estate license in another state.

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How to Apply for Massachusetts Reciprocity in Three Steps

1. Have a real estate license in another state

In order to be eligible for Massachusetts reciprocity you need to be licensed in a state recognized by Massachusetts, and have passed the entire licensing exam in that state (both National and State portions). Massachusetts recognizes recognizes a number of states' real estate licenses for reciprocity.

If you don't have a real estate license yet, you will need to take the full 40 hour Massachusetts real estate licensing course to get your license. We have good news if this applies to you: we offer the full MA licensing course online!

2. Apply for your Massachusetts reciprocal real estate license

Before you can practice real estate in Massachusetts you'll need to apply for reciprocity and be issued a Massachusetts real estate license.

How do you apply for reciprocity? We've got you covered. Our non-credit Massachusetts reciprocal licensing course will walk you through the entire process, and cover the relevant laws and regulations that you should know before you begin practicing in Massachusetts.

If you'd like a quick overview of the process, the Massachusetts Real Estate Board has a document covering the process here.

3. Get your reciprocal Massachusetts real estate license

Once your application for reciprocal license is reviewed and approved by the Massachusetts Real Estate Board you will be issued your license to practice real estate in Massachusetts. You'll pay a licensing fee to be issued the license, and will be added to the state's online database of licensed real estate agents.

Congratulations: you've gotten your reciprocal real estate license in Massachusetts!

What Our Students Say About Our MA Online Reciprocity Course

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Carlo C.

Freedom Trail Realty School was great!! I recommend them to all my friends looking to start in Real Estate ... Thanks guys!"

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