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How To Get Your CT Real Estate License Online

Get Your Massachusetts License

You read that correctly: to get your Connecticut real estate license online with us, you will get your Massachusetts license first. Massachusetts and Connecticut have license reciprocity, which means that having a Massachusetts license entitles you to your Connecticut license. You get two licenses with one class!

You can complete the entire realty course online, and also take the Massachusetts license test either at home online, or at a number of convenient in person locations (West Springfield, Auburn, and Boston).

Apply for License Reciprocity

Massachusetts and Connecticut have complete real estate license reciprocity. This means that your Massachusetts real estate license entitles you to a Connecticut license.

After you take our Massachusetts real estate classes and pass the license exam, you'll apply to the Connecticut Real Estate Commission for a Connecticut real estate license. Since you'll already have a Massachusetts license, they'll give you your Connecticut license automatically. Instructions are available on the CT reciprocal licensure form. You get two licenses with only one class and test!

As a bonus Massachusetts and Rhode Island also have reciprocity, so you can get all 3 state real estate licenses with one convenient online class if you want.

You're licensed in both CT and MA

Seriously, that's it. Take our classes online, pass the Massachusetts test to get your license, and apply for reciprocity in Connecticut. If you complete those steps, you'll get your Connecticut real estate license and your Massachusetts license to boot.

And the best part? Massachusetts only requires 40 hours of real estate classes, instead of the 60 required by Connecticut.

Neat, right?! We certainly think so, and our students from Connecticut agree.

What Our Students Say About Our Reciprocal Online CT Real Estate Classes

We think our real estate classes are pretty great, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what a few of our students have to say:

I thoroughly enjoyed the online classes and every one of the instructors. The classes were informative, fun and fully prepared me for the exam. I was confident going into the test and I passed with ease."

Carlo C., Needham MA

Freedom Trail Realty School was great!! I recommend them to all my friends looking to start in Real Estate ... Thanks guys!"

Steven G., Fitchburg MA

If you're going to take a real estate sales person class, this is 100% the class to take. I passed it in my first try without studying outside of class and I'd almost guarantee you'd pass if you study at all...take this class if you want to become a licensed real estate sales person."

Eric B., Concord MA

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