Salesperson Classes

Every real estate agent in Massachusetts begins their career as a real estate salesperson. Our classes will take you all the way from the classroom to your first job as an agent.

Salesperson Classes

Ever watch Million Dollar Listing and think to yourself, "I want to do that!"? Looking for a career that offers scheduling freedom and unlimited earning potential? Then real estate is for you!

Your first step in a successful real estate career is to book your 40 hour Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson pre-licensing class with us. The MA real estate pre-licensing class is required by the State of Massachusetts to sit for the MA real estate salesperson exam and become licensed to practice real estate as an agent at a real estate brokerage. We offer different class options depending on your schedule, from weekend classes to weekday crash courses. View our full class schedule for all of our currently available options.

Wondering what makes our real estate school different? We're proud of a few different things.

Small Classes, Big Results

We don't believe in big, boring lectures (they're awful for us too!). Instead, we structure the classes as small, discussion and practice oriented seminars that encourage student participation and foster better learning. We also don't believe in dense, confusing textbooks: our class materials are condensed into an easy to understand (and easy to study) format that covers the Massachusetts curriculum for the licensing test without any superfluous fluff.

Oh, and don't fret if you don't know anything about real estate before the class. Our materials are designed so that you don't need to have any prior real estate experience to understand what's going on.

Unique Class Format, Uniquely High Scores

You might be aware that in June 2011 the State of Massachusetts increased the required real estate licensing classroom time from 24 hours to 40 hours. You also might be aware that they did so without altering the real estate class curriculum (don't worry if you weren't!). We're thankful for the change. Prior to 2011, you would power through the material and then head out into the world with no review or preparation.

That's very different now. We use the extra time given to us by the State to get you prepared for both the exam, and for your future career. We do this with a combination of practice tests, games, and review sessions built in to the classroom time. This unique combination is one of the biggest reasons that Massachusetts' statistics show that our students score higher on the real estate license test, and pass more often, than students from other real estate schools.

We don't just rely on you to tell us when you need help during review, either. We get that sometimes students are too embarrassed, or too shy, to ask for help in front of everyone. That's why we use a high tech smartphone based clicker system to let us get anonymous student responses to in-class questions in real time. That way we can gauge how well the material is being understood without singling out or embarrassing anyone. Oh, and don't worry about your phone not working with the system: it works with almost every web-enabled smartphone and tablet on the market today, and we always offer a reliable pen and pencil version as a substitute.

Custom Salesperson Class Materials

We use custom class materials to ensure you get the information Massachusetts requires you to have to pass the real estate test in an as easy to understand format as possible. While other schools use thick textbooks filled with extraneous information, our custom masterials cover the required Massachusetts curriculum in a condensed and easy to understand way so that you don't waste time studying material that won't be on the test.

Exam Preparation

We devote extensive time in our Salesperson Classes to practice MA real estate tests and reviews to help you prepare for the Massachusetts licensing exam. While other real estate schools skip this crucial step in the learning process, we feel it is vital to spend time on practice exams so that students know what to expect on test day.

Proven Success

It's not just that we believe in our teaching methods; we get results. Our students consistently score higher, and pass more often, than those from other schools. We are proud of the results we get, and are confident that you will be satisfied with our real estate classes.

Location, Location, Location

Our location couldn't be better: our real estate classes are held at our classroom on Canal Street in the heart of downtown Boston, MA just steps from every T line in Boston: the North Station T and Commuter Rail station is next door, and the Haymarket, Bowdoin, Charles/MGH, and Government Center T stations are all a short walk away. We're also located just steps from the Boston exits for routes 93 and 90, the commuter rail, and everything that downtown Boston has to offer.

Get Excited

Booking your real estate pre-licensing class with Freedom Trail Realty School is your first step to a brighter, more flexible future. You can read more about why you should choose our school here, or go ahead and click the button below to register for your class now.

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