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Privacy Policy

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Student Contact

When you register for a class you provide us with your contact information. Per these policies, you agree that we may use that information to contact you regarding your class, with information about upcoming classes and offerings, or for general contact purposes.

Alterations, Amendments, and Exceptions

Exceptions to these polices may be made at the sole discretion of Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. Freedom Trail Realty School reserves the right to amend or alter these policies at any time. Your use of Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc.'s services constitute acceptance of any changes to these policies. Policy changes will be reflected by this page.

Continuing Education Policies

For the policies and terms of use for Continue Me, our online real estate continuing education app, please click here.

Online Pre-License Class Policies

Terms of Service

Online Pre-License Class Terms of Service, which govern the use of the online classes and class platform, identiy misrepresentation, refunds, etc. are available here. The online class policies listed below are for informational purposes only, and do not supersede or in any way alter or amend the Terms of Service.

Technical Requirements

A high speed internet connection and the most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are required to take online real estate classes. iOS and Android mobile devices are supported. Student questions and technical support requests can be submitted via the "help" link on the online class platform.

Student Attendance and Records Keeping

Student attendance is automatically tracked by our online software. Students must attend at least forty hours of class time in order to complete the State mandated class time requirements. Student credit is recorded and available via their account. Per Massachusetts regulations, students must attend at least twenty one hours of live online classes, out of their total forty hours of mandated class time. Purchased class time is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Online Class Refunds

Online class refund requests must be made within 14 days of signing up. Pro-rata refunds will be made if a student has begun their online classes and request a refund within 14 days of signup. Students that request refunds after 14 days of signing up, or that have completed their course, are not eligble for a refund.

Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee

If you purchase access to the Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee, we will refund your class purchase if you do not pass your first real estate test within 30 days of fully completing your course. To be eligible for the Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee, you must unlock the Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee by passing our online real estate practice exams wtih an 85% or higher before taking your real estate test, take your real estate test within 30 days of receiving your education certificate, and provide us with a copy of your State provided failing test score report within 30 days of failing the State test. Please refer to the online class terms for more information.

Online Class Module Scheduling

Online class module schedules are subject to change. Please review the class module schedule available on your dashboard for the most up to date schedule. If an online class module should have no students in attendance 5 minutes after its scheduled start time, it will be cancelled.

In Person Class Policies


Class space is limited, and classes frequently fill well in advance of the class date; registration fees must be paid for before a space will be reserved in the class. Wait list spots are not guaranteed, though we will contact you the moment a space becomes available. Class registration explicitly provides for a space in the class registered for, subject to school policies; it does not provide for a space in any future classes (though space may be made available in accordance with the school polices on Absence and Make Up Classes or other relevant policies), nor does it guarantee or provide the ability to take a future class. Rescheduling, cancellations, missed classroom time, no-shows, and other truancy, are subject to the school policies on Absences and Make Up Classes, Rescheduling, Cancellations, and any other relevant policies.

Student Conduct and Classroom Policies

Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. reserves the right to deny classroom attendance to any student whose behavior disrupts or interferes with Freedom Trail Realty School's ability to conduct class, or who violates Freedom Trail Realty School policies. Such denial of attendance shall not entitle the student to a refund of their registration fee. Students must arrive promptly at the class start time; late arrival may result in an inability to access the school's offices, and class will not be stopped to permit entry out of respect for the other students in the class. Such tardiness will qualify as an absence, and be subject to the absence policy. If given a break, failure to return to the building by the break's end may result in an inability to access the classroom. Again, this will qualify as an absence and be subject to the absence policy.

Cell phone use and smoking (including vaporizers and other e-cigarettes) are strictly prohibited within the classroom. The use of personal recording devices is prohibited within the classroom. Food is prohibited within the classroom, and drink must be in a covered container. Only those persons who registered and paid for the course will be permitted to attend; guests or additional attendees are not permitted. Transportation is the sole responsibility of the student; Freedom Trail Realty School shall not provide parking or transportation.

Freedom Trail Realty School classrooms are subject to remote audio and visual recording and broadcasting for security, quality control, and distance learning purposes. By registering for a class students agree to be recorded, and agree that Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. may use these recordings for any and all commercial and/or non-commercial purposes.

Absences and Make Up Classes

NOTE: Since class demand is high, makeup classes are not always available. Students should choose their class dates accordingly. A lack of availability of make up time shall not entitle students to a refund of their registration fee under any circumstances. The below policies govern absences and make up classes, and shall apply to all class registrations. Students should read them fully, since absences, and cancellations/reschedule requests made within the 7 days of the class start date, are covered by these policies without exception.

We strongly encourage students to attend their scheduled classes, since Massachusetts Law requires all students to complete the full pre-licensing requirements, and classroom space is limited. Students who miss class will not receive credit for the missed class time, and make up classes are subject to classroom space availability. Make up class time cannot be guaranteed or reserved in advance of class start dates. Absences, truancy, and/or other missed classroom time, shall not entitle students to a refund of their registration fee under any circumstances, regardless of make up class availability. Class registration explicitly does not guarantee, or entitle, students to space or time in classes other than those registered and paid for. If a class is full we will be unable to accommodate students making up missed classroom time, and since classroom space is limited we cannot reserve or guarantee space for students making up missed time (though we will of course accommodate make up time if space is available). If students wish to have space reserved for them to make up time, they must register for the class they wish to make up time in, and pay the full registration fee for that class. Barring such registration and payment, free classroom seats will be made available on a first come, first serve, basis, subject to a $25 absence fee, to those in need of make up time, in accordance with these policies.

Students will be notified by the school, or their instructor, via email when there is space in a class available for them to make up their missed classroom time. These spaces will be made available to all students in need of makeup time on a first come, first serve, basis. Since makeup time is subject to classroom space availability, and cannot be reserved, no promises or guarantees of availability can be made prior to any particular classroom session, nor shall any statements of Freedom Trail Realty School Inc., or its representatives, represent a promise or guarantee of availability. If there are no seats available in a class, the school will offer alternate dates, under these same terms, subject again to classroom space availability. Absences are subject to a $25 make up fee per made up class.

If there is not space available in regularly scheduled classroom time for makeups for an extended period of time, special four hour makeup classroom sessions may be made available, subject to instructor and classroom availability, and student demand. Special makeup sessions are not guaranteed to take place if there is insufficient student demand, as determined by Freedom Trail Realty School. These special makeup sessions will consist of practice testing and real estate test preparation, and are subject to a fee of $100 per student per make up session in lieu of the $25 absence fee. Make up sessions will be made available via the same booking portal as regular classroom sessions, and must be registered for and paid for in advance. Make up session registrations are not refundable under any circumstances.


Rescheduling a class registration to another date of the same class type (crash course to another crash course, night course to another night course, etc) must be done 7 days prior to the registration's class start date for credit to be transferred. If the class start date is 7 days or less from the date rescheduling is requested, or if the class start date has passed, rescheduling the registration will not be possible; the registration will instead be subject to the school's Absences and Make Up Classes policy, Cancellations policy, and any other relevant school policies. Inability to reschedule a class registration per these policies shall not entitle a student to a refund of their registration fee. Any registrations rescheduled between class types will be subject to a $25 fee, in addition to these policies.


Cancellations must be made more than 7 days prior to the class start date to be eligible for a refund, no exceptions. Previously rescheduled registrations are not eligible for a refund. Should you need to cancel, and should you be eligible for a refund, registrations will be refunded in full, less a $50 cancellation fee. Refunds will be issued within 30 days of the cancellation, and will be made to the student's original method of payment. If a student is ineligible for a refund, or has begun the course, or the course start date has passed, a refund will not be issued under any circumstances. Bookings made within 7 days of the class start date are not eligible for a refund. Payments that are more than 60 days old are not eligible for a refund.


Materials will be given at the start of each class. Digital materials will not be made available, nor will additional materials be made available to students. Students who lose their materials or otherwise wish to receive additional copies will be required to pay the $25 materials cost for those additional materials.

Pricing and Payment Plans

Pricing is subject to change, and pricing listed on the main school website may not be accurate. Current class prices are specified for each class on the student registration portal. Existing registrations will not be subject to pricing changes. Payment financing is available via PayPal BillMeLater at registration checkout.

Licensing Exam Registration and Fees

Licensing exams are administered by Pearson Vue, and are wholly separate from Freedom Trail Realty School. Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. is a state licensed provider of pre-licensing education, and will provide students with a handbook with exam information on the final day of class. Licensing exam registration, fees, and scheduling, are the student’s responsibility.


All classes, dates, locations, and times are subject to change. Weather conditions, instructor illness, acts of God, and/or other extenuating circumstances (as determined by Freedom Trail Realty School) may result in alterations to the class schedule or other particulars. Such alterations shall not entitle students to a refund of their class registration fee. Alternate class time pursuant to such alterations in the class schedule will be made available free of charge. Students who are unavailable during this alternate class time will be subject to the Absences and Make Up policy.

Though uncommon, we reserve the right to cancel classes due to lack of interest or other circumstances. Should such a cancellation take place, registered students will be notified in advance and will be entitled to a refund, or will be permitted to reschedule their registration free of charge.

Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee

If you purchase access to the Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee, we will refund your class purchase if you do not pass the real estate test within 30 days of us mailing your education certificate. To be eligible for the Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee, you must unlock the Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee by passing all of the sections of our online real estate practice exams wtih an 85% or higher before taking your real estate test, take your real estate test within 30 days of receiving your education certificate, and provide us with a copy of your State provided failing test score report within 30 days of failing the State test. Tests where you do not pass both sections with greater than an 85% will not count towards the guarantee. Please refer to the online class terms for more information.

Last updated: 12/12/2018