School Policies

Privacy Policy

A copy of this website's privacy policy may be found here.

Copyright and License Attributions

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Student Contact

When you register for a class you provide us with your contact information. Per these policies, you agree that we may use that information to contact you regarding your class, with information about upcoming classes and offerings, or for general contact purposes.

Alterations, Amendments, and Exceptions

Exceptions to these polices may be made at the sole discretion of Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. Freedom Trail Realty School reserves the right to amend or alter these policies at any time. Your use of Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc.'s services constitute acceptance of any changes to these policies.

Continuing Education Policies

For the policies and terms of use for Continue Me, our online real estate continuing education app, please click here.

Online Pre-License Class Policies

For the policies and terms of use governing our online pre-license classes, refunds, attendance, access, and more, please click here. The online class policies listed below are for informational purposes only, and do not supersede or in any way alter or amend the Terms of Service.

Technical Requirements

A high speed internet connection and the most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are required to take online real estate classes. iOS and Android mobile devices are supported. Student questions and technical support requests can be submitted via the "help" link on the online class platform. Requests will be responded to in a reasonable period of time during normal business hours.

Student Attendance and Records Keeping

Student attendance is automatically tracked by our online software. Students must attend at least forty hours of class time in order to complete the State mandated class time requirements. Student credit is recorded and available via their account. Per Massachusetts regulations, students must attend at least twenty one hours of live online classes, out of their total forty hours of mandated class time. Students may not attend class while driving or otherwise distracted. Purchased class time is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Online Class Module Scheduling

Online class module schedules are subject to change. Please review the class module schedule available on your dashboard for the most up to date schedule. If an online class module should have no students in attendance 5 minutes after its scheduled start time, it will be cancelled.